Advertising on 6PR

Have you heard our commercials on radio station 6PR during December and January? Make sure you tell us that as we love our 6PR listeners. Thank you to Brett at 6PR who always looks after us.

Moving before Xmas?

Get in quick if you are wanting to move prior to Xmas as spots are filling up fast! We have some great deals going at the moment to have us booked our before Xmas ready for the New Year!

Decluttering before Moving Tips!

Step 1: You only need one of everything Step 2: The ‘One Year Rule’ Step 3: Rationalise your wardrobe Step 4: Only keep useful furniture Step 5: Make the kitchen and bathroom clutter free zones Step 6: If in doubt—throw it out. Step 1: You Only Need One of Everything If you’re about to start More…

Join our Teams!

Interested in working in the Removal Industry? Take a look at what services we provide our clients and if you think you would be a great fit with our teams, let us know. Email us on or call (08)9250 6577.