Common Moving Mistakes & How To Avoid Them

Common Moving Mistakes & How To Avoid Them

Moving house is a complicated process, which means that sometimes you might make a few mistakes along the way. Some of these errors can potentially waste time and money, so it is important to plan ahead in advance.

Here are Rogue Wolf Removals, we help homeowners make a smooth transition into their new house. Read our helpful guide about the most common moving mistakes and how they can be avoided.

Not Completing Paperwork On Time

Moving into a new house requires a lot of paperwork to be completed. You might be confused by what needs to be filled in and submitted, so make sure to work closely with the estate agent. The agent will be able to tell you everything that needs to be done.

As well as not submitting paperwork, a common problem is if people lose the original copies of the documents they need. Lost paperwork will slow down the moving process, and can be extremely frustrating for both the seller and the buyer. To avoid this becoming an obstacle, make photocopies of the paperwork so you have a backup that can be filed away. Also, store some electronic copies on your computer for added security.

Trying to Transport Fragile Items With the Rest of the Furniture

You might be tempted to pack fragile items in with the rest of the furniture in order to save some time. However, furniture such as mirrors and glass coffee tables can become irreversibly damaged if they are transported with other heavy items. These more delicate pieces of furniture should be transported separately in order to provide maximum security.

Leaving Packing Until the Last Minute

One of the worst mistakes to make is leaving all the packing until the last minute. This can delay the move and may cause you to forget certain items if you are rushing around in a panic. Steadily pack things up over a two-week period prior to moving, so that you ensure everything is included.

It could be a good idea to make an inventory of all your furniture and items so that it can be ticked off the list once it has been packed.

Not Throwing Away Unwanted Items

Many of us keep our attics full of items that we don’t want or need. The main reason that we hang onto them is because we hope that they will become useful in the future. However, moving all these unwanted items to the new house is a mistake because this just creates unnecessary clutter.

Carefully sort through all the items in the attic and decide which items need to be gotten rid of. Some items may need to be taken to the local tip, whilst others can be sold or taken to the local charity shop. Rogue Wolf can advise you on the items which may need to be sold or gotten rid of.

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