At Rogue Wolf Removals, packing is our business. From the kids’ favourite stuffed toys to your most valuable items, our services guarantee that it will all arrive at the destination the way it left. All of your items are carefully packed away and ready to move with cartons that are marked and labelled for easy delivery and placement in your home. Don’t do it yourself, leave it to the packing experts and save time for more enjoyable things. We provide the best prepacking services Perth has to offer by using:

  • Double Walled Cartons
  • Clean White Butchers Paper
  • Purpose made cartons
  • Fully Trained Staff
  • Labeled Cartons
  • Female Packing Staff
  • DIY Packing Materials

Packed & Ready To Go!

Just one day – that’s all it takes to have your house completely packed and ready to go! For a small home it may only be half a day!

Full Pack

From the shower to the shed, kitchen to the kids, all the family will be packed and ready to go. Only quality materials are used throughout your house for the safety of your belongings. When it comes to speedy and safe packing, Perth residents trust us to turn a long and daunting process into a quick solution. The time saved can be used for the more important things in life… You!

Part Pack

This allows you the flexibility to control your own budget and determine what you would like us to pack. Maybe the shed or the kitchen and breakables are just too much. Our house packing services in Perth can be tailored to your specifications and we are more than happy to take on the hard packing jobs while you box up the more easily moved items. Allow us to help you in being ready for moving day by letting us know what you need.

Materials We Provide

With our Full Pack, all cartons, paper and packing items are provided. With our Part Pack we bring everything with us that we need to pack to your requirements. For the DIY move, we can drop off your cartons, paper, tape etc. to you on the day you require it.

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