Anne Williams of Mumberkine

I moved from Forrestfield to Mumberkine last Thursday. Of course it had to be the wettest day that week, but Craig and Mark turned up on time , and even the weather didn’t stop them, they ran all day, got the truck loaded and then set off on the 105 k trip, and yes it was still raining when we got to Mumberkine, but they didn’t let that worry them. They persevered with my fridge, as it was a little big, but they got it in, they even entertained my OCD and made sure it was exactly level ! Everything was placed exactly where I wanted it and all beds were put together. To Craig and Mark and also Crystal, who did my quoting , Thank you for a job well done, you made the day a lot easier to cope with. Have got no hesitation in recommending you to people. Thank you!