The Interesting Fact About Moving In Australia

You may think that the topic about moving in Australia is a boring one, but there are a lot of very interesting facts about this process that you may be surprised about. Moving is an inevitable process that you may eventually find yourself dealing with so it is good to know what you are getting into before you take the plunge. Let’s take a look at all of the statistics that are involved with moving in Australia including why people move so often. So here are 4 Interesting Facts About Moving In Australia.

In recent years, it was estimated that somewhere around 43 percent of Australians have moved in the past several years. Within those numbers, you will see that around 16 percent of these people had moved without a mortgage. Around 84 percent of the people who has moved in recent years were renters who rented their property from a private landlord. There are various reasons for these moves. 18 percent of movers in this time-frame simply wanted to upgrade their home to a much bigger one though 4 percent wanted to downsize their space. 24 percent moved because they just wanted to purchase their own home and 15 percent just moved because they had their own family reasons to make the switch. 45 percent of this group was families with dependent children rather than older couples without children.

There are also some interesting numbers about people who lived in apartments. 18 percent of renters also decided to move because they wanted to have a larger apartment. This number is the same for the renters who needed to move for their jobs. There are very small numbers for those renters who have decided that they wanted a smaller place. A last interesting statistic to consider when you are thinking about renters is that around 1 in 6 renters were forced out of their homes and needed to find a new place.

One of the biggest reasons that people did not make any big moves was as a result of a lack of money holding them back. People are more often going to move if they have a big life change upcoming, such as the birth of a new child, expanding their family, marriage, and even losing their job. When people do move, they wish to move to a place that they love whatever their price range is.

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