Things To Consider When Relocating

Things To Consider When Relocating

Moving to a new property is an exciting time, but it requires meticulous planning and careful consideration. Whether you’re upgrading or downsizing, you’ll need to think about how you’re going to transport your valuables and if it’s even necessary to take everything along with you. If you’re looking for a fresh start, moving might be an ideal time to get rid of some old junk. However, you’re almost certainly going to need to move a lot of belongings, and that means you’ll need professional assistance.

At Rogue Wolf Removals, we’ve established a reputation as being amongst the best furniture removalists and house movers in Perth, and we guarantee a fast turnaround time as well as the safe handling of your most precious belongings. But what else do you need to think about in those last few days before moving day?

Should it Stay or Should it Go?

Many homeowners choose to have a spring clean when moving to try and reduce the amount of clutter that will inevitably take up room in their new home. When you think about it, it makes sense given that a new home is supposed to actually feel new. However, when it comes to packing and organising your belongings, you might not want to be forced into making quick decisions about what gets trashed and what doesn’t.

If this is the case, you could always think about taking advantage of our safe and secure storage facility to store belongings that you’ve not quite made your mind up about.

Getting Your Previous Property Prepared for New Tenants

Unfortunately, you’ll be required to make sure your previous home is spotless before you say goodbye to it forever. That means cleaning the carpets, dusting every corner and — the most dreaded of all — making the oven look brand new again. It’s a daunting task that you’d probably prefer not to have to deal with. It just so happens that on top of being removalists, we’re also skilled in the art of cleaning.

All we want to do is make moving house go as smoothly as possible for you without you actually having to do all the hard work. You’ve already dealt with so many tasks and now just want to get set up in your new home, so we’re here to provide a professional cleaning service as well as make sure your belongings and valuables are transported with the utmost care.

Packing & Unpacking

This is possibly one of the most daunting tasks associated with relocating because if you do it on your own, it’s going to take time, and trying to fit everything into either your own or a rented vehicle is going to cause a lot of hassle — and that’s where we come in.

Here at Rogue Wolf, our experienced team of movers will treat your valuables as if they were their own. We know what packing materials are needed to make sure your belongings arrive at your new property in the same condition as they were before, and our cost-effective cleaning and storage services exist to make the whole moving process as easy as possible for you. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with any questions you may have.